Retail Store and Offices, Lockhart River
Kevin O'Brien Architects in association with Project Services

The Retail Store and Offices in Lockhart River provide commercial space to a remote Aboriginal community in Far North Queensland. The Retail Store contains retail space, cold rooms and long term storage to last the wet seasons that occasionally disrupt supply lines from Cairns. The front door of the Retail Store is located in an extensive seating arrangement under established trees. In this shaded public area, it is possible for members of the community to have vision across to the entry as well as the main street approaches.

The Offices are planned as a set of interlocking stand-along rooms that can be easily connected into groups of 2 and 4 depending on the service needs of the tenant. Shared meeting rooms and facilities are located at the end of the building.

A large artwork, commissioned from Uncle Lawrence Omeenyo, was worked into the polycarbonate screen that addresses the harsh western aspect. At night it becomes a giant back lit filter that softens security lighting and provides a strong identity to this centre of the community.

Images: © David Hanson